"A beautiful fragrance has the amazing ability to evoke our most precious memories as well as create in us the feeling of happiness and well being…enjoy!"
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The Morris Collection

We are proud to present to you our beautiful range of Products that incorporate smart and innovative design, where great attention is paid to detail, in the creation as well as in the packaging.

BATH AND BODY PRODUCTS for LA SALLE de BAIN, a carefully created collection of products that reflect the very heart and soul of the French countryside…. PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA using only the finest ingredients, enriched with moisturising properties, to keep the skin smooth and nourished, scented with fragrances that are both exquisite and exotic.

A collection of TEXTILE GIFTS from Cosmetic and Toiletry Bags to Shower Caps and Gift Sets, a perfect mèlange of product that sit well together, creating a visually inviting display to offer your customers.

Thank you for visiting our site, and as you browse our product offerings, we hope you enjoy the look of “simple luxury” as much as we do!